in which i have moved, in many senses

hi everyone, and welcome to the new location.  

i almost have too much to say to even write a gripe, but i wanted to stick something here in the new site.  i can say that despite Tripod's nice interface, moving all this has been a royal pain in the butt.  you'll notice that there are no old gripes here, b/c it's just too complex for me to put them up at the moment.  maybe at some point i'll put up the last few months' or so, just for continuity's sake, but for the moment, just think of this as a fresh start.

i am in boston at the moment, and graduate on thursday (don't forget to write me to congratulate me ;-).  last week i was in NY meeting the movers and getting everything inserted into my new place.  very weird.   the new place is very small (what else did you expect of a new york studio), but nice, and in a great location.  i have a cool view of the empire state building, believe it or not.  and the bathroom has excellent water pressure.  hey, you've got to take it where you can get it.

i went to the Hedwig 500th, which was really fun, and i met dev, among other kewl folks.  i didn't have the stamina to stay for the 11pm show, but i wish that i had.  oh well.  

it's exceedingly hot here in boston, but it's supposed to cool off for graduation, thankfully.  this has been the craziest couple of weeks.  i feel like i've been drawn and quartered to a certain degree, or that i'm about to be.  my place here is devoid of usable furniture except a mattress, and plastered in disgusting dust bunnies (but do i do anything about it? nooo.), and all my stuff is in boxes in NY, so i don't feel like i really live anywhere at the moment.  plus too many goodbyes and transitions and all that.  it's nuts.  

anyway, i'm going to try to tie up the loose ends of moving all this.  i wish i had time to redesign everything and start again and do a good cyberhousecleaning, but this will have to do.  who knows when i'll update again, but i'll try.

sayonara everyone.