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From the minute...: 02/10/1999 2:13:48
                                                     AIDA casting scoop
                                                     Although Disney's "Aida" won't be
                                                     opening in Chicago for about nine
                                                     months, its principal casting is
                                                     taking shape, and the big news is
                                                     that Adam Pascal, "Rent"'s
                                                     original Roger, has won the role of
                                                     Radames (created at the Alliance
                                                     Theater of Atlanta by Hank
                                                     Stratton). And although a number
                                                     of prominent ladies have been
                                                     auditioned for Amneris (including a
                                                     major West End diva), it's almost
                                                     guaranteed that Sherie Scott, who
                                                     created the role in Atlanta and is
                                                     now sparkling in "Over & Over" at
                                                     Signature Theater, will again play
                                                     Amneris. (Scott and Pascal were
                                                     together on Broadway in "Rent").
                                                     Heather Headley has owned the
                                                     title role since she created it in
                                                     Atlanta, and no one else has been
                                                     considered for it.....

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