The Shaftesbury Theatre

RENT's home in London

These photos were taken in May 1998, during previews.

ACHTUNG! I took these London photos. Me, personally. If you feel an overwhelming need to steal them for your own site, PLEASE do me the courtesy of linking back here and acknowledging where you got them. And let me know so I can come peek! THANKS!!

RENTified Shaftesbury

This is the exterior of the Shaftesbury Theatre, RENT's home in London. Cool, huh?

More Shaftesbury

More Shaftesbury.

Krysten on the bars

This awesome photo of Krysten Cummings is part of the exterior decor of the theatre.

Ant with glare

This is another image from the exterior; Ant and the OBC during LVB. But the photo pretty much sucks with all that glare. Someone tell me if I should just take it down, or is it worth looking at?

Doc Martens RENT window

In Covent Garden, there is a six story (!) Doc Martens store, and this is their window display. There is a merchandising tie-in between Doc Marten and RENT (masterminded by Lucy), so wherever there are Docs in London, there is RENT.

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