The Ultimate Rush

novel by Joe Quirk, audiobook read by Anthony Rapp

Don't ask me why I went looking for this. I was bored and on vacation. You'll be happy to know I didn't actually buy it; my local library got it for me on interlibrary loan. It's quite entertaining to listen to, however. A pretty goofy story.

Here are four entertaining .wavs:

- The opening lines 280kb

- Rent reference? Hm... 255kb

- I couldn't resist this tidbit (sorry, Anthony). 60kb

- The rush fades... 256kb

Here's the description from the back of the package:

First-time novelist Joe Quirk stomps on the gas with a high-speed thrill ride that hurls one badass rollerblader against the San Francisco PD, the Chinese mafia, and a worldwide web of high-finance murders.

As the sole rollerblading courier at a San Francisco delivery service, Chet Griffin is the fastest messenger in town. Every day, he delivers critically confidential packages, but when he hands over an already-opened envelope containing a floppy disk with billion-dollar information, a deadly serious customer demands satisfaction. On a routine run, one of Chet's co-workers gets murdered, the finger's pointed at Chet, and he finds himself on a rush job to save his own life.

Driven by a little-guy rage against the big-guy machine, Chet enlists the help of his skateboarder-chick best buddy and his superhacker roommate, and takes off across the city to track down the evidence he needs to clear his name -- and put away the bad boys who want him dead. With quicksilver pacing and attitude to burn, it's a heart-clenching chase of cat-and-mousepad, building up to a blade-churning, bullet-blasting finish like no other.

About the author
Joe Quirk
grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Providence, studied law in St. Louis, and now lives in Berkeley. He never became a lawyer, but has worked as a nanny and a candy salesman, and at this very moment is researching his next novel, a hang-gliding action thriller. Please buy his book so he can pay back his law school loans, pull his wisdom teeth, and get a new wardrobe for that matter.

About the reader
Anthony Rapp
created the role of Mark in the original Off-Broadway production of Rent, earning an Obie Award. He then recreated the role in the Broadway production. He has also been seen in the stage and screen versions of Six Degrees of Separation and won an Outer Critics Circle Award for Precious Sons. His film credits include Johnny Twennies, David Searching, The Mantis Murder, Twister, Dazed and Confused, School Ties, and Adventures in Babysitting.

I'm sure all this stuff is severely copyrighted, so here's some fine print: Copyright 1998 by Joe Quirk. Audiobook copyright Simon and Schuster Audioworks. How's that?

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