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Welcome, and congratulations on tracking me down in my new home. It's not much different here, just cleaned up a bit. Hopefully you'll find everything that you're looking for. If you don't, or if you run into 404's or dead links, please let me know asap. I'm moving and starting a very busy new job, so these pages may not see much updating in the near future, but I'll do my best. As always, feel free to send news my way if you want.



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    General RENT-y Items:

    • 6.27.99: Online from home with my crappy new 33.6K connection. Oh, how I miss my T1 already. Anyway, there is a RENT thing running in NYC Loews movie theaters. Now, don't get excited. This is not, I repeat not, related in any way to a RENT movie, which, to my knowledge, is not in production, and I for one hope will never be. The trailer has Manley Pope and Jim Poulos advertising this new Times Square movie complex. You can see it here.

    • 6.24.99: Well, I told you I was going to be busy. I have very little idea what's going on these days, so if you have a tip, please email me. I do know, as many of you probably do as well, that the stunning Taye Diggs has a starring role in the upcoming movie The Wood. Also getting lots of advertising is the new Spike Lee movie The Summer of Sam, in which I believe Idina Menzel has a role of some kind.

    • 06.10.99: YAGMCB will close on Sunday, June 13. It's too bad the show won't run longer; I thought it was terrific, but it just hasn't sold well at all. Now we can look forward to whatever all the various members of the amazing cast do next. P.S. Today was my graduation, so you can call me doctor.

    • 6.06.99: I know they're not quite RENT-related, but congratulations to Kristen Chenoweth and Roger Bart on their Tony Awards. Yay!

    • 5.31.99: bestill my heart, an update! YAGMCB news: the cast will perform on the Tony Awards broadcast, next sunday evening, June 6. the word is that kristen chenoweth & stanley mathis will do 'my new philosophy,' and the ensemble will also do 'happiness,' so that should be very nice, and will give everyone a prime time Ant fix. also look for numbers from annie get your gun, fosse, parade, ain't nothing but the blues, among others. a reminder: this is the last week to see Marcy Harriell as Mimi. her last day with RENT will be june 6. the incomparable krysten cummings will replace her. site news: these pages will be moving in the next 10 days, so get ready to update your bookmarks. as soon as i work out a few quirks, i'll post the new URL.

    • 5.15.99: The NY Rent cast goes bowling! quite a spectacle. also, pix of yagmcb cast members singing at a benefit. and more kristen chenoweth and roger bart, with the multitalented michael mayer. kristen and roger at the drama desk awards. and, word that yagmcb will tour starting in 2000. unclear whether this will be the broadway cast or a touring cast.

    • 5.12.99: This is getting to be old news, but marcy harriell will be leaving the role of mimi on broadway on june 6. intheater is reporting that former london and toronto cast member krysten cummings will be her replacement. i saw krysten twice in london, and i was blown away. she's really spectacular, so i'm sure this will be a great addition for new york. here are some pix of krysten in london. june 6 will also be the last day to see the delicious alan cumming in cabaret, and it also happens to be the date of the Tony awards. in other news, my sources (you know who you are!) tell me that anthony has been at UMass Amherst doing master classes with the theatre program there. he's making good use of the free days in the extra-weird YAGMCB performance schedule. i saw audra mcdonald sing at town hall last week (did anyone else?). she is so completely incredible. if you haven't heard her solo album, way back to paradise, i highly recommend it. here is a james baldwin poem that has become the lyrics to a beautiful song audra sings. ok, i'm done now.

    The archive of older RENT news items is here.


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    Matthew Shepard, a student at the University of Wyoming, died on October 12 from injuries sustained during an anti-gay attack. Please find a way to acknowledge this tragedy and show your support for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people everywhere.

    an article about the vigil held in my dorm

    Matthew Shepard information website

    Matthew Shepard Yahoo category

    Where, after all, do human rights begin?
    In small places, close to home. Yet they are the world of the individual person:
    the neighborhood, the school or college, the factory, farm or office.
    Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere.
    -- Eleanor Roosevelt

    White Ribbon Campaign

    Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide
    And remembering those who we've lost

    [ Mirror Site]


    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
    Indeed, it's the only thing that ever does.
    --Margaret Mead

    Listen to Jonathan's music, educate yourself and reach out to your community.
    Some ideas...

    ACT UP New York
    AIDS Action Boston
    The Body - AIDS and HIV Resource
    Broadway Cares - Equity Fights AIDS
    Campaign to End Homophobia
    Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network
    Gay Men's Health Crisis
    Habitat for Humanity
    National Coalition for the Homeless

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