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New wavs from the audiobook Ant recorded

  • Ant comments on the RENT dramaturgy lawsuit
  • Ya Think? The Original Unofficial Anthony Rapp Site - A very cool place
  • Ant on Fansites
  • Ant featured in the way cool ezine Oasis. Definitely worth visiting.
  • Ant on the IMDB
  • Ant talks about Dazed and Confused - I just found this, and it's a pretty cool interview, especially if you're a fan of this hilarious film.
  • Anthony Alley
  • Labels really are for cans
  • The Unofficially Official Anthony Rapp Website
  • The Totally Unofficial and Truly Devoted Mark Cohen Website
  • My two favorite things combined :-)
  • Ant in Dazed and Confused
  • Another Anthony Rapp is a real estate agent in Michigan. This is amusing.
  • Not precisely Ant related, but if you've never seen The Lifecafe Menu, it's guaranteed to crack you up

    And don't miss these two interviews with Ant:
    From the British magazine Gay Times
    What's On in London

    Amy and Anthony

    My sister Amy with Anthony at the Shubert Theatre in Chicago, during his run with the Angel Company in January 1998.
    Who is paler? Hmm...

    act up!

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