NB: this is Dennis' idea, so email him if you have thoughts about it, k?  --Diana

Dennis' Send-Charlie-Brown-A-Valentine Project:

"I had an idea when I was watching YAGMCB last Saturday night.
There's a scene in it about Valentines (and the fact that Charlie Brown
doesn't usually get any!)...

Well I thought I would start a campaign where people who really liked
the show or liked Anthony Rapp would send the cast/Anthony
a Valentine's Day Card!!!

If you're interested, you could send it care of:
Ambassador Theater
215 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019

I'm wondering how many people will actually do this. If you think this
is a neat idea, pass it on to someone you know (especially those
who've seen the show). If you know how to get this message to a broader
audience, by all means please spread the word.
Please note I'm not connected in any way with the show (or a greeting
card company for that matter). I'm just a fan of YAGMCB
and Anthony Rapp. Thanks for your attention!"

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